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Mike Duncan

Terry Duncan

 Steven Mutter

Gerhard Albinus







Paul Finke

Andy Baker

   Joe Blank

Mike Duncan  (drums/guitar/vocals/band leader):  Has been playing music since the age of six, and began his professional career at the age of 11 in a Wedding/Dance band called the MICKENLEE 5. This band was a tremendous “training” for Michael, for they played everything from Glenn Miller and the Big Band standards to Doobie Brothers, Chicago, and the Commodores. From here, Michael started a Rock band called PRYZM, which played Nightclubs, High School dances, and college parties in and out-of-town. Michael then went on to play in two other “Oldies” Rock Bands, RUNNER and PACER and made the switch to German music in 1992 by joining the ALPEN ECHOS.  He joined the German scene because the Alpen Echos needed a drummer in 1992, he was not in a band at the time, a figured that it would be fun to take his family on the road with him to various cities and fests. He grew very fond of the Oktobefest scene and music and enjoys the variety of “party music” that PROST delivers. PROST Band has two iterations that both play gigs these days:  In “Original PROST” with Gerhard Albinus, Mike plays drums but in the “NEW PROST” he fronts the band on guitar and vocals.

Terry Duncan (Bass Guitar/vocals):  Terry began playing music also as a very young boy and has played in many of the bands mentioned above with his Father and brother, PROST drummer Michael. His musical preferences are Country and heavy Rock and Roll, which brings a “younger” feel to our band than is present in some of the stereotypical “Oom-Pah-Pah” bands. He is the “pulse” of PROST. Terry also now plays button box accordion on many of the songs in the repertoire of “New PROST.”

Steven Mutter
(Tenor Sax/clarinet/vocals): Steven has been our saxophone player since 2007, when we PROST took him on the road as a last-minute sub. We had never played together but instantly clicked musically and personally. Our former sax players (Carly and Chad) went off to college and Steven became a permanent member of the PROST Band. He picked up the German music quickly and surprised himself at how much he likes it. He is able to match his horn stylings to whatever genre we play and also brings a soulful, funky, jazzy improvisational style to his solos. Steven’s versatility as a musician allows him to play regularly in several different bands and to also freelance on his few-and-far-between off nights. This and his roster of private students keep him working full time in music, which is what he was born to do. We are lucky to have him.

Andy Baker (Trumpet/Tuba/Vocals): Andy pursued his education in trumpet performance, earning a Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a Master’s degree from Ohio University. Besides being a great asset to the NEW PROST Band, he also plays tuba in a Dixieland Band and in the Cincinnati Beer Band. Additionally, he accepts many freelance gigs on trumpet/tuba in other bands for orchestral concerts or in pit orchestras of stage shows. Andy’s full time career is music, playing as many gigs as he can get his hands on and teaching 40 plus private students.

Gerhard Albinus  (accordion/vocals/band comedian): A founding member and key force in “Original PROST.” Gerhard has played German music since he began accordion lessons at the age of eight. He has played German musical professionally since his early teens, beginning with the Beer Garden at Kings Island Amusement Park in Ohio. He then formed the HARMONIKA BOYS with his brother, Herb, and they were very popular. They played a great deal in and around town, in addition to many traveling jobs, including a 3-month contract at the EXCALIBUR HOTEL and CASINO in Las Vegas. Gerhard’s fluent command of the German language is a plus when we meet “true Germans” at our gigs. He loves to converse with them in his native tongue. While Gerhard loves the German music, both modern and traditional, he also loves to “Rock-Out” whenever he gets the chance. He is in heaven when PROST gets booked for a college bar or party. (Keeps him young!)

Paul Finke (Drums): Paul was the original drummer for the local rock band, PRYZM, in the early 1980s. He graduated high school with band leader, Mike, and they did not get musically acquainted until just before graduation when they formed PRYZM. The rigors and heavy gig schedule of PRYZM caused Paul to take a musical sabbatical for many years until he played bass for a while in the MicKenLee 5 wedding band with Mike and Lee Duncan. Paul took another hiatus from music while he and his wife began raising their wonderful large family and just recently accepted the offer to be a part-time drummer for NEW PROST, job-sharing the role with Mike’s son, Nathan. Paul has surprised himself with how much he loves the Polkas, Waltzes and the German “scene” in general. His background as a rock and roll drummer add energy and spunk to our show.



Joe Blank  (Sound Engineer/road crew):  Joe was added to the PROST band in 2006, in an attempt to keep our sound, instrument/vocal mix and volume consistent and under control. It is difficult for musicians to “run sound” from the stage, as PROST did for many years. One is  never quite sure how it sounds out front and concern over it distracts from the performance. With Joe, however, all PROST has to do is play the music.…he handles the technical details and support.  He has a tremendous technical aptitude, being a “computer geek” by day…. and that has been an asset to the team.  It is also a bonus that Joe has been a close , family friend to Mike and Terry (PROST drummer and bassist) for many, many years…like a brother, in fact. That history and relationship add to the loyalty, commitment, morale and good times in PROST.





Chad Duncan

Carly Hood

Lee Duncan



Lee Duncan (Guitar/vocals): Lee recently retired from PROST, for the demands of this very busy, traveling band with lots of heavy equipment to haul interfere with his plans to relax, travel and enjoy time with his wife, Jane. He plans to still attend many PROST gigs, for he loves to dance to the PROST band. He claims no other band plays the proper variety and tempos to keep the dancers happy like PROST does. Post-retirement, Lee and Jane bought a huge R.V. and follow PROST like Grateful Dead fans so they can dance, camp and eat bacon and eggs in the R.V. instead of Waffle House (a PROST staple)

Lee is Michael and Terry’s father, and is responsible for their love for music. He, too, began playing at a very young age and his musical background includes Country, Rock & Roll, Big Band Standards, and just about everything ELSE. His many years of playing and his extensive experience added to the "maturity" of PROST’! and have significantly increased their repertoire and ability to handle song requests from our audience. He helped make them what they are and he will be missed in the band.

“…here’s a ‘PROST-Toast’ to you, Dad…..”



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