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“What is PROST?”

The best way to describe PROST is that we are a Euro-American Party Band, providing a variety of energetic music that sets the tone of the party. The Accordion and a driving beat are the cornerstone of our sound and our vast song list includes many new and old German songs, as well as Pop/Rock, Country, Swing, other varieties of Ethnic music. Our forte’ is in choosing the right combination and proportion of this variety to specifically fit YOUR function and keep the crowd interested, dancing and having fun. Sometimes, the format changes a little as the crowd demographic changes throughout the event, but we feel that sensitivity to “read the crowd” in this manner is key to keeping a large and diverse audience with us on the “Prost-Coaster.”


We prefer for our customers to hire us to be entertainers” vs. hiring us with a specific song list in mind, such as stipulating, “we want a purely German Band.” While we can and do play exclusively German music at some functions, that usually only works well when we are hired to provide background ambiance. What gives you the most value in hiring PROST is to establish a German theme and then allow us to use our judgment and years of experience to, again, “read the crowd” and keep them engaged and having fun! Remember….. “Euro-American Party Band!”


Ultimately, our mission is to provide “Year ‘Round Rocktoberfest!”


“…..PROST….…That’s Us!”

For Booking information, call Mike: 859-512-7291
Or…e-mail PROST!    mr_prost@hotmail.com

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